There is extensive literature available on food pests. Scientific articles deal with specific parts of pest problems. Some of them are available on the Internet and you can also see pictures and descriptions of each pest there. You can use the animals’ Latin names as keywords.

Determination books with detailed keys are available. The authors of this book have had the pleasure of using Professor Herbert Weidner’s keys, which exists in several versions.

The latest (7th) edition is: Weidner, Herbert & Udo Sellenschlo (2010). Vorratsschädlinge und Hausungeziefer: Bestimmungstabellen für Mitteleuropa. Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, Heidelberg. (350 pages).

For mites in food you can use the book: Hughes, A. M. (1976). Mites of stored food and houses. Min. Agr. Fish. Food. Tech. Bull. 9, London. (400 pages). (Key for the determination of mites. Difficult.).

Your local authorities can provide information and sometimes also provide help when it comes to pests.