The treatments used against crab lice are the same as the once you use to eradicate head lice and body lice. Shampoos are most suitable because they do not sting the thin-skinned places. Apply on the body and on the scalp hair and eyebrows if these are also infected, however, do not apply on the eyelashes. For eradication of lice on the eyelashes, apply the eye ointment Ophtha twice a day for 8 days. The ointment as well as the other treatments for crab lice is available over the counter at pharmacies. Treatment for pubic lice should be applied on days 1, 5 and 10 (for the exact same reasons mentioned in the chapter about head lice).

Treat the whole family simultaneously. You can still infect others until after the third treatment. The surroundings do not need treatment, however, it makes sense to change clothes and linens every time you have treated the lice, i.e. on day l, 5 and 10 immediately after the treatment.