Food Pests

Food-pests-bookcover480”Food Pests” is an overview of pests that can be found in food in Europe and Northern America. In this book we have in various ways tried to answer those questions most frequently asked about the relevant pests and about dealing with the pests.

We believe this book will be a useful guide to those who engage themselves with hygiene and quality of food.
Anyone can suddenly find themselves in the situation where they would have to deal with pests in food whether they are consumers, shop owners, veterinarians, Masters of Science in food science and technology, managing directors or exterminators. Perhaps this book can contribute to people with various backgrounds discussing pests more easily.

This book does not claim to be absolute or flawless. Should the reader want to make comments which could eventually help us improve a later edition those comments are be very welcome.

February 1984

T.E. Hallas & H. Mourier
Danish Pests Infestation Laboratory

Preface to the 2nd edition
This guide, which was first published 30 years ago, was then well received by especially professional exterminators and others who engage themselves with the quality of food. In the meantime many of the copies of the book from 1984 are not in use anymore, either because they are worn out or due to the fact that regulations, means and advice in the book are simply outdated. Now we will remedy that by publishing this updated edition of Food Pests.
February 2014
T.E. Hallas & H. Mourier