The extermination of cockroaches

Before you start the extermination, it is practical to locate the insects’ hiding places. Cockroaches will swarm into hiding if you suddenly turn on the light in a dark room. Spray containing pyrethrin in the suspected cracks will chase the cockroaches out. For the extermination you can use aerosols or sprays containing pyrethrin (or an associated base) + the adjuvant piperonyl butoxide, which enhances the effect of the pyrethrin. These insecticides are injected directly into the animals’ hiding places. The effect is short-termed and the treatment may be repeated as needed.

Dusts containing pyrethrin and the like are particularly suitable for use in dry, sheltered places, for example in cavities, where it is suspected that cockroaches move and live. Dusts are used mainly as an addition to other control measures.

Bait boxes are plastic boxes with hinged inlet openings for cockroaches. They contain a combination of bait attractants (the aforementioned pheromones), and insect venoms. They are placed or hung in places where cockroaches live, and they are suitable for the control of small cockroach populations and as part of the extermination in which other measures are included.