Mouse control

Do not place mouse poison directly onto the ground

Do not lay out mouse poison freely on the ground by the base of the building. Place it under a board or in a drainage pipe.

Preventively, one can lay out many small stores of poison grain along building foundations where the mice look for ways in. The stores must be shielded from bad weather and against children, birds and other animals eating them. This can be done by putting poison in special dispensers, in drainpipes or simply under boards, placed diagonally on the base.

The mice that come indoors, must as far as possible be controlled using traps. Poison is not suitable for indoor pest control because dead mice in inaccessible places stink horribly and even become incubators for blowflies, bacon beetles and other insects.

The mousetrap is effective and is preferred indoors.

The mousetrap is effective and is preferred indoors.

Unlike rats, mice are curious about new objects and are therefore easy to catch in traps. As bait in traps herbal diets are best suitable (grain, seeds, nuts, raisins, etc.). Use plenty traps. Place them at right angles from the walls where mice move. Check on traps with appropriate intervals.