The bolting cloth beetle

Cadelle, Tenebroides mauretanicus

Cadelle, Tenebroides mauretanicus

Larva and brown cadelle

Fig. 5.36. The cadelle beetle (larva and adult), and a gnawed corn kernel.

Latin: Tenebroides mauretanicus. Also called the cadelle.

A rather large beetle, 6 – 11 mm long, black or dark brown and shiny. Belly side, legs and antennae are reddish-brown. The edge of the prothorax has two growths which flank the head, and between this part and the elytrons there is a deep necking. The bolting cloth beetle has sharp mouth parts and is primarily a grain pest, but it may also live in other products. Its main habitat is in the tropics where it has the status of a pest of great economic importance.