Imaginary pests

(Pests that certainly do not belong in the zoological system).

You may experience that certain people claim that there are pests in their food and homes without anybody else being able to verify the existence of these pests. Those pests are often described to behave differently than pests usually do, and their appearances do not correspond to any known pests. It can be difficult to distinguish between hysteria, inability to interpret observations and these imaginary pests. When in doubt, contact a zoologist about whether any real pests may fit the described animal or insect.

The reason why some people, mostly women over 50 years, develop this type of delusions is not known. The authorities get these inquiries all year round. As this disease makes these people convinced the pests exist, it is of no use to try to convince them otherwise.

These people can get antipsychotic medication, which helps a lot of people in this situation.