Niches of food pests

It is envisioned that each species has a definite place in the natural order. A niche is simply the name for that job that an animal or insect performs within nature.

The animals and insects that we call food pests can live in man-made situations whenever they correspond to the animals’ niches in nature. The niche concept is useful to estimate what types of animals you would expect in certain kinds of food. We divide the food pests by their affiliation with the following niches and their subdivisions.

  • A. The waste niche
  • B. The seed niche
    1. Grain pests
    2. Leguminous plant pests
    3. Pests in nuts and dried fruits
  • C. The dead plant niche
    1. Pests in withered, dry plants
    2. Pests in mouldy plants
    3. Pests in rotting and fermenting plants
  • D. The sugary excrement niche
  • E. The carrion niche
    1. Pests in damp carrion
    2. Pests in dry carrion

A substantial share of the pests mentioned in this book, is attached to niches that are combinations of the above. They are listed below as belonging to the niche in which they occur as pests.