Itch from the itch mite

Fig. 74. The general scabies is felt on these parts of the body. However, these do not correspond to the places where the mites are most numerous. (Mellanby)

In the beginning you feel nothing. Only when the second generation starts digging, 3-4 weeks after the infection, you feel the itching. The itching is worst in the warm bed. The itching can be felt between the fingers, on the wrists and in other places where there small papules appear on the skin. There may also be more generalized itching associated with skin areas where itch mites are not common.

It is difficult to diagnose itch mites. Doctors estimate that, at first, a quarter of the cases are wrongly diagnosed. When the itch mites are well established, in 9 out of 10 cases, looking carefully at the hands and wrists can make the diagnosis. Here are the fertilized females burrows appear as gray, wavy lines on the skin that end in a tiny dot, the mite itself. Red rash and mild swelling may surround the tunnels. Experience is needed in order to make a correct diagnosis, and the itch mites cannot be confirmation until live mites are found. Dermatologists can make the diagnosis.