Mouse eradication

Small caches of poison can be laid outdoors along the base of the walls, where the mice try to find a way in. The poison must be protected from wind and weather, and positioned so that birds and other animals cannot reach it. In fact, it is best to put it in a length of drainpipe, or under a plank laid obliquely against the base of the house.

When mice are already in the house the first thing to do is to try and eradicate them with the help of traps. If poison is used indoors it often happens that dead mice lying in inaccessible places will produce a most unpleasant smell, and they will also provide breeding places for blowflies, larder beetles and other insects. Spring traps can be baited with a suitable substance such as cheese, bread or a piece of sausage, which must be fixed firmly to the trigger of the trap.

Plenty of traps should be used, and they are best positioned at right angles to the wall, with the baited end nearest to the wall, as this is where the mice will pass along. There is no need to scald the traps after use to get rid of the smell.