Steatoda bipunctata

This spider is frequently seen in buildings particularly outhouses, lofts and cellars. It is chocolate-brown, and the abdomen, which has a pale stripe across the front edge, shines as though oiled. The web consists of an open mesh with threads running either vertically or obliquely to the substrate. These threads are sticky at the ends which become attached to the substrate, and the web is thus adapted for catching the small invertebrates that run about there. The spider usually sits hidden away in a crevice nearby. When a small animal is caught in the threads the spider comes out, turns its abdomen towards the prey which it then envelops in a mass of sticky threads.

The eggs of this species are pink and they are laid in clumps of 100 to 150 which are attached by a fine thread of silk to a beam or similar object. They are protected by a sticky cocoon which envelops the egg clump without directly touching it.