KEY III, insect larvae

With prolegs on the abdomen mealworms or caterpillars

Without prolegs

With powerful, functional legs
Without legs, or with small rudimentary legs

With dense hairs. The rear end with a tuft of hairs dermestid larvae
With scattered hairs, or naked certain beetle larvae

The larva is curled

The larva is not curled

With small legs certain beetle larvae (including powder posttles, furniture beetles and spider beetles),

Legs completely lacking beetle larvae (weevils and bark beetles)

Found in timber, sometimes under bark Found in other places

Broad in front cerambycid larvae
Not broad in front, with spine at rear end wood-boring wasp larvae

Small (less that 5 mm long), with hairs flea larvae

Normally more than 5 mm long, without hairs, but very variable in appearance fly larvae