How do you get bed bugs?

Adult bed bugs and their excrement

Fig. 21. Adult bed bugs and their excrement, natural size.

It may seem inexplicable, when you suddenly discover that there are bed bugs in the home. Maybe it has been some time since they were introduced.

The main reasons can be summarized as follows:

  1. The house has been visited by a person who brought them in his or her luggage.
  2. You have stayed somewhere, a hotel or hostel perhaps, where bed bugs have been, and they have then sought refuge in your luggage.
  3. They can climb in from a neighbor’s apartment. Through cracks in the panels or pipe penetration, for example.
  4. A piece of furniture with bed bugs has been introduced, maybe bought at a flea market or found in a container
  5. Bed bugs from bats, swallows or swifts can occasionally seek into the house, especially if their natural host animal is removed from the property, so the bed bugs get hungry
  6. Bed bugs do not come in from outside, they do not live freely in the Danish countryside.
  7. They are not introduced by guests if these do not carry luggage or furniture. They are only on us while they are sucking blood.
  8. They are not introduced by dogs or cats.