If the European pigeon ticks are not controlled

When a pigeon house is dismantled, dusting with powder insecticides can solve the problem once and for all. If this detail is forgotten and the place is into houses, the ticks will wander around until they get hungry. Most will die in the process. The few that are spotted in living areas are probably so weakened that they cannot figure out how to bite. This is especially applies to pigeon ticks that spotted in broad daylight, because the ticks are typical nocturnal pests who seek out their hosts at night. The ticks that appear several years after the pigeon house has been closed down, are quite large – adults or almost adults. They come out when they get hungry. If you do not do anything besides removing the ticks you see, the number of ticks that pop up, will gradually decrease. If the ticks’ hiding places are warmed up due to heating or hot weather – more ticks can crawl out of their hiding places.