The fact that the adult and egg-laying harvest mites live well hidden in the topsoil makes them practically impossible to eradicate with conventional insecticides. If you want to spray your garden with pesticides, this should be done at the time the larvae begin to appear, or later. Prevention of bites. Tight shoes and clothes are not a practical possibility during the season where the mites are most numerous. In contrast, a mosquito repellent is excellent idea. Trying out different mosquito repellent can be a good idea, in order to find out which have the best effect. Doctor Med. Aagaard Poulsen found out that a repellent containing, inter alia, 47.5% dimethyl phthalate worked well. The ointment is, however, not produced anymore, but is similar to the mosquito repellents used today. If you are using ointment or salve, apply to the skin in the morning and again at noon in 10 cm wide belts at the edges if the shoes and ankles, wrists and neck. Using a spray, you can impregnate both the skin and the clothing.