Other wasps

Ophion mosquito

Ophion mosquito

In addition to the social, real wasps, there are numerous solitary species. Some of them look like hornets (e.g. digger wasps and pompilids) and they can also inflict painful stings if you annoy them.

parasitic wasp

Fig. 51. A parasitic wasp laying eggs in larder beetle larvae. It is only 3.5 mm long, and in 1974, it was common in one of the Ministries where the stung the employees. (Howard)

Several species of small dark ichneumon flies may be found indoors. Usually, they will not sting people, but some species can inflict non-serious stings. Identification, however, is rarely a problem because the sting is clearly felt, so the culprit is identified.

A larger species, the orange-red ophionl wasp, is an example of an ichneumon fly, which is attracted to light often strays into houses.

It can inflict a painful sting with its short stinger if you accidentally squeeze it.