Flea control in the surrounding environment

D. Thoroughly sprinkle or spray a flea-specific insecticide onto carpets etc. This treatment is effective against all stages of fleas and – when applied thoroughly – it is the most effective control method because it eliminates fleas here and now.

E. Spraying with methoprene on carpets and in the sleeping places of the pets will prevent flea larvae from developing into adult fleas. Adult fleas are not affected by methoprene. This method is often used preventative or supplementary to other control methods.

F. Cleaning with soap and water is good for the fleas which thrive in high humidity. Vacuum cleaning can remove a small portion of the flea eggs and larvae each time, but, usually, it is not enough. Vacuuming can supplement other control methods.


Methoprene sprayed the coat once a month from midsummer to Christmas protect against up multiplication of fleas. The surrounding environment i.e. carpets and the sleeping place can also be treated with methoprene. Only 6 mg per day per m2 carpet prevents flea larvae from completing their development for the next 5 months. This treatment must be applied in mid-summer. You can also get the product in the form of tablet which the dog or cat must swallow once a month during the flea season.

In the spring, dogs and cats can bring bird fleas inside. Bird fleas can only survive inside the house for short periods of time, and consequently, control is rarely necessary. If the dog or cat suddenly is infested with fleas in April-May, be sure to determine the species before deciding if control is necessary.