Lice control

Lice can be killed between two nails or between the front teeth. It takes a pinch of approx. l kg. Mechanical methods such as these have been used for millennia. Combing the hair with a fine-tooth comb can be an effective method; however, this method can be both painful and laborious. These methods plus shaving the head are the only non-toxic control methods known.

Neither a sauna nor frosty weather can cause the skin temperature of the scalp to change so much that the lice are bothered by it. Neither medication, vitamins etc. can take care of the lice. Ultrasonic devices are ineffective. Lice are resistant to all regular shampoos and thrive in clean hair. If you want to get rid of the lice, quickly, easily and efficiently, there is no alternative to the insecticides.

Eradication principle. The lice are present as nits and as active animals. Both types must be killed. The nits have low metabolism and are protected by a thick shell with a small surface. The lice on the other hand have higher metabolism, thinner skin and larger surface. Therefore, insecticides will kill the active lice, while some of the nits survive. Actually, it is possible to make remedies that kill them all; however, these would be proportionally dangerous to humans.

Three times. The rule is to use the treatment on day 1, day 5 and day 10. The first treatment will kill all active stages of lice but not the nits. In the next 4-5 days, the surviving nits will hatch and new lice will appear. The second treatment kills the nymphs before they are old enough to lay nits. Between the 2nd and 3rd treatment, the last of the nits that survived the 1st and 2nd treatments will hatch. On the 10th day, the third treatment will kill the before they can lay nits. It is therefore important that the infected is treated three times with exactly these 5-day intervals. If treatment number 2 or 3 is forgotten, the lice will have been able to lay new nits and it is necessary to start over. It is also worth considering, that you can actually have live lice in the hair until the third treatment.

Some treatments claim to work after only one treatment. This sounds tempting but there is empirically little difference in how the treatments work when tested and when used in thousands of homes. Therefore, for the above-mentioned reasons, in order to be absolutely sure about the effect, the treatment should be used three times – even if it’s not in the manual.

Eradication treatments. You can choose between liniments (solutions) and shampoos.

A. Dimethicone solution (Hedrin) is based on silicone, which simply blocks the airways of the lice so they suffocate. Should be combined with the use of fine-tooth comb.
B. Permethrin shampoo (Nix). Wash hair with regular shampoo. Apply the Permethrin shampoo in your hair and leave it for 10 minutes. Repeat treatment after 8 days.

C. Malathion shampoo. Apply thoroughly to damp hair / scalp, and rinse after 5 minutes. Then repeat the treatment. Wait 8 days and repeat the treatment, i.e. 2 x 5 minutes and rinse the hair between the two treatments

D. Malathion cutaneous solution. Apply thoroughly to dry hair / scalp. Let it sit for 12 hours and then wash the hair with regular shampoo. This treatment is repeated after 8 days.
These products are available over the counter at the pharmacy, which also provides guidance on price and instructions.

Who should be treated. The person who has lice must of course be treated first. It’s also a good rule to treat the family / household based on suspicion. The important thing is that all who may infect others or who could be infected are treated almost simultaneously. Pets must not be treated.

Clothing and bedding. The treatment of the hair is the most important. It is also a good idea to wash hats, combs, brushes, scarves and pillow cases. As an alternative to washing the clothes, the recently used clothing or linens can be put away for a few days, so that the lice that might be in it will die of hunger. Vacuuming and cleaning is also recommended, not required as part of eradication of the lice but because it gives you a clean conscience.

Inspection. Wait one month after the third treatment. If the treatment has been effective, the bottom inch of hair will be free of nits. If there are more nits in this area or lice are seen, treatment must be repeated. The old nits will continue to sit in the hair.

They must be worn off combed or cut off, however, they only pose a cosmetic issue.