Collective lice control

The Danish Board of Health periodically publishes a guide on how to deal with lice in schools and institutions. Authorities provide information and assistance when necessary. The local nurse is a key person. All in all, it works well, but there may be different kinds of issues.

The lice are often discovered in children in schools and institutions. Then, messages are sent to the affected homes. It can cause various reactions from parents. Collectively you face problems with lice returning. Possibly because the eradication is not properly coordinated. In the areas where there is a need for more effective lice control, the Danish Pest Infestation Laboratory, recommends that parents check for lice on certain days: The first days after the summer, the autumn break, the Christmas holiday and the Easter holiday.

Checking for lice is part of the children’s personal hygiene in line with brushing their teeth, washing hair and having clean nails. Naturally, it is the parents’ responsibility that their children do not attend school with lice in the hair. Parents may choose to ask teachers, nurses etc. for help if they cannot manage dealing with the lice on their own. If the authorities are obliged to lend a hand, is a political issue that depends on how the local community views the problem with lice.