Flea bites

Flea breaking free from cocoon

Fig. 58. The adult flea breaks out of the cocoon by scratching a hole with its thorn on the head. The last larval skin and the pupa skin are left in the cocoon. (Humphries)

Fleas are mostly found on the ground or on the floor, and they will first and foremost attack ankles and lower legs.

In contrast to bed bugs, fleas also crawl under clothing. Often they even bite in places where the clothes are tight. Bites during the night, especially on the thighs, buttocks and shoulders are also often caused by fleas, which like to crawl under the body and bite where there is contact with the bed. One of the characteristics of flea bites is that they are often grouped. Each group is caused by bites of the same flea that had trouble finding a vein offering enough blood.