Hedgehog fleas

Season for hedgehog fleas

Fig. 61. Season for hedgehog fleas.

Hedgehog fleas, Archaeopsyllus erinacei, bite humans. Hedgehog fleas can infest people if they touch a hedgehog, a hedgehog nest, or are near a hedgehog nest. There are often many fleas on the individual hedgehog – up to a thousand. Perhaps, this correlates to the hedgehogs’ poor self-cleaning abilities because of its spines. Most confrontations with hedgehog fleas take place from July to October.

Hedgehog fleas can only multiply in hedgehog nest and they die very quickly if they are taken into the dry climate of the house. Hedgehog fleas can infest dogs and cats if they are playing with a hedgehog or sniffs at a hedgehog nest, but hedgehog fleas cannot survive on these animals for long periods of time. If you are constantly infested with new hedgehog fleas from one particular corner of your garden, you must locate the hedgehog nest, which is probably abandoned, and treat it as well as the surroundings with an insect powder. If many hedgehog fleas have made it inside, these are eradicated using a remedy against cat fleas.