Host animal’s reactions to the bite

In addition to the general human reactions to the bites, dogs experience excessive dandruff production, causing the fur to look dull and greasy. The hairs start to fall out. Especially the bottom layer is affected. On the lower back of some dogs, such as boxers, patches of fur at the size of the palm of a hand, change color because the remaining fur is a different shade.

Walking dandruff
Very severe cases may result in walking dandruff, Cheyletiellosis, in dogs. It is seen as accumulations of heavy dandruff and mites on the lower back and sides where they fall off. Dogs with fur mites often scratch violently.

Cats and rabbits
Cats and rabbits are very rarely bothered by their fur mites. In rabbits, the explanation might be that fur mites also live on the other mites (Listrophorus) found in rabbit fur. Also cats and rabbits experience increased dandruff production and itching.