The large, hairy tarantulas (Mygalomorphae) are sometimes introduced with goods from the tropics. Most are harmless, but still, do not cuddle them. Some of the species have aggressive hairs that can cause eczema in people who touch them.

If during unloading or unpacking of goods from the tropics you encounter alarming animals you do not know, you should memorize their shape, color, size and other characteristics before seeking the advice of the Zoological Museum.

For many years, exciting stories have been circulating, about “dangerous tarantulas in Yucca palms”. We will not repeat these stories here, but just add that it is safe to assume that there is not a word of truth in them. Moreover, it often turns out that in Denmark, a suspected tarantula is in fact the domestic house spider which can be frightening with its impressive size. A fully grown specimen takes up more than a large coin.